bruce and george

Bruce Scigliano(Left): Playwright and Lyricist    George Krawczyk (Right): Composer and Editor-in-Chief

 Bruce & George

An Artistic Partnership


Bruce and George met while robbing trains. Five times a day during the summer of 1977, their work was witnessed by many hundreds of visitors to Crossroads Village- a restored 19th century “living village”. As exciting as it was to leap from a horse onto a moving train and ask travelers for their valuables, Bruce and George also spent a good deal of their summer in the UM-Flint Theatre Department’s Summer Stock Theatre Program at the park. Productions included a number of original musicals and reviews that saw Bruce onstage and George in the orchestra pit.

Firmly believing that pretty much anything had to pay better than robbing trains, George secured a postion as a composer for some of the musicals. Meanwhile, Bruce served a brief internship as a carpet-layer. After serving their respective sentences at the university and with the approbation of certain professors, Bruce and George were granted degrees and left the university to seek their fortunes elsewhere.

Bruce’s fortunes were to be found in the wilds of the Rocky Mountains while George preferred the gentle breezes of the Upper Midwest. But fate was to bring these two artists together once again. One day, as Bruce was contemplating directing a Youth Theater show, he turned to his old pal George. “Let’s do a show…” he said. “We can use my dad’s barn… and Mom has got some old sheets for…” Ok, it wasn’t quite like that, but soon George and Bruce began collaborating on musical comedies for schools, community theaters and dinner show productions.

Their philosophy is simple- provide fresh, new story lines, high quality music and present it in an easy-to- produce format. The result- incredibly fun shows that showcase the cast and entertain the audience!



Bruce Scigliano


thinkin on lodge grass

Bruce received a bachelor’s degree in theater from UM- Flint in 1981. He toured for three years with The Missoula Children’s Theater before serving as an artist- in- residence in North Dakota and Wyoming. Recalling that at age 11 he wanted to be a game show host or a game warden, he returned to school, earning a degree in wildlife management from the University of Wyoming. Bruce has been a Wyoming game warden since 1989. When he’s not patrolling the Bighorn Mountains on horseback or fighting wildlife crime, Bruce enjoys fishing, building model theme parks and writing odd… err… quirky, musicals, radio drama and plays with his long time pal George Krawczyk. Bruce lives in Sheridan, Wyoming with his wife Connie, two dogs, (Zeb and Ranger) two horses (Homer and Aristophanes) and The Cat.

George Krawczyk

George has been pianist, music director and composer for a number of productions with the Northland Players at Audie’s Dinner Theatre and at the Cheboygan Opera House. He is also a director of the Northland Player’s Summer Youth Theatre program (with Jill Kwiatkowski) which is in residence at the Opera House each summer. On 1st Fridays when the local theatre is dark, George plays piano as part of the Java & Jazz series at the Cheboygan Public Library. When not moonlighting in theatre, George is director of the music ministry and organist for the Cheboygan Catholic Community. In his downtime, George’s passions include hiking, camping and gardening. He also admits to a particular fondness for certain species of the Buckwheat family known as Rheum. This plant, distinguished by its unusually large leaves and thick succulent petioles, is often used for food and is known by the more familiar name of rhubarb.


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