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Home on the Radio

A Radio Show on Stage


Bruce Scigliano and George Krawczyk

Its 1943, the world is at war and faithful radio listeners in Northern Wyoming tune in each week to their favorite musical variety show- The Saddle String Revue. Fast forward seventy years, and audiences once again have the opportunity to experience that same radio magic, live, on stage, in “Home on the Radio. Hot swing tunes, touching ballads and light hearted episodes of radio drama ensure a good time will be had by all as the audience of the stage play enters the thrilling world of the Theater of the Mind.

... if you saw it, you got a real treat! What a fun show! Northland Players Prompter

 ... Scigliano... and Krawczyk appear to have teamed up for yet another hit

Cheboygan Tribune  

Watch Home on the Radio:  Home on the Radio

Whatever...Ever After

A musical comedy in two acts by Bruce Scigliano and George Krawczyk  

  Based on William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night

When Viola is stranded in a starship accident she finds herself on a strange moon whose inhabitants seem to be consumed with the pitfalls of love. Fearing that her twin brother has been lost in the explosion of their craft, Viola assumes an alter identity and soon becomes embroiled in the intrigues of the rulers of this human outpost. Mistaken identities and hilarious frivolity ensue and all discover that Love, not Space, may be mankind’s final frontier. 

Details for Whatever...Ever After 


Secret Agent Gram

 A musical comedy in two acts

By Bruce Scigliano and George Krawczyk

Betty Carbonara is a kindly grandmother known for her chicken piccata, canolli and her love of travel. Unknown to her friends and family, however, Betty leads a double life- grandmother and secret agent for the U.S. Government. Sent on a mission to the mysterious kingdom of Kickkickastan, Betty confronts the evil Doctor Nonono and his diabolical plot to rule the world. Join Betty and her fellow agents in this wild, “covert” look at foreign espionage.



 Tom T

A Musical Reminiscence in Two Acts

By Bruce Scigliano and George Krawczyk


Based on Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Tom T is a surprising twist on Twain’s classic tale of American boyhood. Audiences will relive the unforgettable stories of Tom and his friends- whitewashing the fence, the young love affair between Becky and Tom, murder in the graveyard and the exciting adventure in the cave, as well as learning the ultimate fate of Twain’s immortal characters.

 Preview Musical Selections from "Tom T"

"Roll on Mississippi"

"Spare the Rod"

"A Boy's Life"

It Ain't My Fault

"Roll on Mississippi Reprise"



Murder Twice Baked image007

A musical comedy by Bruce Scigliano and George Krawczyk

All appears well at the “Oh so proper” Brentwood Manor- that is until Lady Brentwood’s favorite son, Birch, falls dead after eating a slice of rhubarb pie. Is it murder or simply bad rhubarb? If it was murder, whom should we suspect? Convoluted plot turns and quirky characters are bound to keep you guessing! Join Inspector Horehound in unraveling the mystery as you take a romp through murder most foul in this musical “Who Dunnit” with a culinary twist.

Intended as a one act musical, this production may be adapted to a two act format. Playing time is approximately one hour and twenty minutes.


The Saddle String Revue image009

A musical comedy in two acts by Bruce Scigliano and George Krawczyk

Set in wartime America of 1942, The Saddle String Revue is a “rip roaring” blend of radio comedy, live production and “B” western movies. Sheridan, Wyoming might appear to be a sleepy mountain town nestled at the base of the Bighorn Mountains. But, unknown to residents, a group of mad Nazi scientists have hatched a diabolical plot to destroy a key weapons arsenal. Aided by an evil Nazi spy, they are preparing to launch a submarine attack from the high plains of Wyoming. Meanwhile, two intrepid cowboys, in trying to land a spot on a nationwide broadcast of the popular radio variety show, “The Saddle String Revue”, stumble into the Nazi plot. Will the cowboys save the day? Will the “Big Broadcast” get off the ground? Can a woman find true love with a cowboy? Of course! This is America!


I want to thank you for the wonderful story ... The Saddle String Revue. This was a fun filled play, with laugher and twists along the way. I cannot wait to see the next play by Theatricus Lindsay Land- Audience member



The Escape of Bubbles Malone

A musical comedy by Bruce Scigliano and George Krawczyk

Dateline Chicago, 1928: Prohibition Punishes Public! Gumshoes Go After Gangsters!

Chicago is up in arms when its most notorious gangster, Bubbles Malone, escapes from jail. While the police force appears to be helpless, a young woman (and would be cub reporter) devises a plot to locate the famed criminal and land the “Big Scoop”. Finding herself in a “sticky situation” she discovers that Malone is more than a gangster as she helps the criminal execute a quite different kind of escape. The Roaring Twenties were never like this!

Available in one act and two act versions


Preview musical selctions from "The Escape of Bubbles Malone"

Cream in My Coffee:  

Five and Ten Cent Store Blues:

Dreams Ain't for Settin' :

Newsboy Drag:

Gangster Tango:

Remember/If Only I Can Believe Reprise:


image012Under The Oak Treeimage012


Things Are Never What They Seem

A musical comedy in one act by Bruce Scigliano and George Krawczyk

Things are not what they seem in the quaint village of Apple Creek. When the town’s prized apple crop is hit with a mysterious insect infestation an outcast and dreamer comes to the rescue. Is this all there is to the story? Not quite, for you see… things are never what they seem!


Robin and the Hover Hollow Hoodimage014

A musical play in one act by Bruce Scigliano and George Krawczyk

Rocked by the Depression and local governmental corruption, the long suffering residents of Sherwood, Texas turn to a foreign visitor in this 20th Century version of the Robin Hood tale. Robin rallies the local residents as she (yes, she) leads a campaign against the evil Sheriff Bodean and his minions. In the end, right wins out and the good folks of Sherwood discover that there is still magic left in the world.    

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