Soundscape Radio Theater combines old-time radio and stage production elements to create a unique experience for your student cast and audience! During a one-week residency, students reproduce a lively radio broadcast and then present the show in front of an audience. The result? A theatrical experience not to be forgotten!




Text Box: How it Works
About one week before performance (Typically on a Saturday), your Soundscape director arrives, holds auditions and casts the show. Rehearsals are held the following week and by Friday, the cast is ready to present a high-energy production in the spirit of old-time radio!

Soundscape Radio Theater provides a snappy script complete with music; set, prop and costume elements and a professional director skilled in motivating students.
You provide housing for the director (Home stays are fine), a performance space, at least three microphones and sound system, a few easy-to-find costumes and one staff member to assist the director. A piano player is nice, but not absolutely necessary.








 Now Touring

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Chance Hastings Range Detective

in the Case of Rustlers’ Roost

 This is the prairie- Sheridan County, Wyoming…part Dragnet,part Gun Smoke, Chance Hastings is a hilarious spoof of melodramatic Westerns. Follow Chance and his sidekick Mary as they unravel the mystery of the rustling of 199 cows and calves. Following the trail, the intrepid duo encounters a raft of ruthless rustlers- former English teachers noted for their overuse of alliteration! Rustle up some big laughs with this exciting show!

 The show was hilarious. The live sound effects sent it over the top!

 Robin Schilling, audience member, Story Wyoming

Bruce directed these students in a way that he earned their respect immediately and they delighted in his direction. I highly recommend Theatricus  LLC. Mr. Scigliano is a true professional. The parents raved about the performance.

 Mary Drake, Principal, Holy Name Catholic School



Having a rough day?  Is life getting you down? Sometimes you just need a good nap!  But too much of a good thing can have unforeseen consequences as Rip Van Winkle will soon discover. . Based on the well-known classic by Washington Irving, Rip! spins a hilarious tale of one man’s obsession with   avoiding occupational opportunities.  Despite his dexterity in dodging duty, Van Winkle is forced to wake up and smell the coffee. But… does Rip’s alarm ring too late? You won’t snooze through this show! 

Good show last night; very clever & well written.  The radio play format was not only fun (Enjoyed the sleep- aid advertisement and one can’t go wrong with sound effects!) but from a production stand point, having the lines available and keeping actors near a limited number of microphones is brilliant.

Pam Thompson, Technical Theater professional 


Thank you for inviting our class to the play. The play was amazing and very funny.

“Cole”, Sixth Grade audience member


For more Information or to Book a Show

 Bruce Scigliano, Director, Soundscape Radio Theater

 1410 Bighorn Ave, Sheridan WY 82801

 307. 763.8955 or contact us

Soundscape Radio Theater is a residency project of Theatricus  LLC

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