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Recommended shows for elementary, Junior High and Summer Youth Theater:


Under The Oak Tree


 Things Are Never What They Seem

 A musical comedy in one act by Bruce Scigliano and George Krawczyk

 Things are not what they seem in the quaint village of Apple Creek. When the town’s prized apple crop is hit with a mysterious insect infestation an outcast and dreamer comes to the rescue. Is this all there is to the story? Not quite, for you see… things are never what they seem!


 Robin and the Hover Hollow Hood

 A musical play in one act by Bruce Scigliano and George Krawczyk

 Rocked by the Depression and local governmental corruption, the long suffering residents of Sherwood, Texas turn to a foreign visitor in this 20th Century version of the Robin Hood tale. Robin rallies the local residents as she (yes, she) leads a campaign against the evil Sheriff Bodean and his minions. In the end, right wins out and the good folks of Sherwood discover that there is still magic left in the world.  


Tom T


A Musical Reminiscence in Two Acts

 By Bruce Scigliano and George Krawczyk

 Based on Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Tom T is a surprising twist on Twain’s classic tale of American boyhood. Audiences will relive the unforgettable stories of Tom and his friends- whitewashing the fence, the young love affair between Becky and Tom, murder in the graveyard and the exciting adventure in the cave, as well as learning the ultimate fate of Twain’s immortal characters.

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